Grandparent rights

If you are a grandparent and need advice on any matter relating to your grandchild or grandchildren, Bond Adams Solicitors are here to help. At K J Smith Solicitors we are experienced in handling all matters relating to Grandparents Rights.

When a marriage or civil partnership breaks down, relationships between broader family members can become difficult and strained. This can often impact upon the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren, particularly where divorce has resulted in grandchildren not being able to spend time with their grandparents.

Legal rights for grandparents are limited but they do exist and are provided for in the Children Act 1989. It is possible for example to obtain a contact order from the Court enabling grandparents to have contact with grandchildren. In some cases, particularly where there are concerns regarding a grandchild’s welfare, it is possible for grandparents to obtain a residency order from Court.

In all cases, the objective is to reach agreement or resolve a specific issue. Often this can be done without the need for court action, but sometimes court is required if a suitable resolution cannot be found.

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