Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Managing Disputes

Our firm and its solicitors have considerable experience in jurisdictions in the UK and have assisted our clients in international and foreign commercial litigation. Experience shows that addressing and managing commercial disputes earlier mitigates escalation of the dispute and is more likely to engender an environment to focus on the difficulties experienced and move towards a satisfactory, early and commercial resolution.

Solicitors of our departments have excellent advocacy skills and appear to avoid expense of barristers where appropriate. This means we are able to deliver our services quickly, efficiently and vigorously from our head office in Leicester to around the world.

Our Experience

We assist our clients in obtaining review of administrative decisions refusing registration of intellectual property rights before The Patent Office and the European Trade Marks office in Alicante, Spain. Our litigation department has been successful in obtaining substantial damages and compensation, injunctions and ancillary relief in large and complex commercial disputes, including cases involving technical factual elements.

We think that it is difficult to conduct commercial litigation and argue the merits of a case without a proper understanding of technology involved.

Our Approach

Before suggesting that embarking on litigation is the appropriate course to obtain compensation or injunctive relief, we advise our clients as to their options: whether to negotiate, mediate or engage in other forms of alternative dispute resolution. As with all of our legal advice we assist our clients in evaluating the merits of their case, consider the options and clarify the cost benefit analysis in plain English. In any action we take, we focus on realistically obtainable results in the tribunal or court on a commercial basis - we think innovatively. We recognise that litigation must be based soundly on commercial priorities to further safeguard commercial interests.

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