Road Traffic Defence

Our solicitors based in Leicester provide advice to clients facing road traffic prosecutions and representation in the defence of proceedings before the Magistrates Court and the Crown Court, throughout England and Wales.

The loss of a driving licence can have a devastating affect upon an individual, as to their personal life, as to their employment, or as to the affect upon their business or the business in which they work.  Facing disqualification is a daunting prospect. It is vital to consider whether a road traffic prosecution has been correctly brought before the Courts and to assess all relevant lines of defence.

It is also relevant to recognise that many road traffic offences are viewed as serious and can result in a sentence of imprisonment being imposed upon conviction.

We advise on the full range of offences from speeding to death by dangerous driving inlcuding:

  • Driving Disqualification Issues
  • HGV Offences
  • Accident Claims
  • Without Due Care
  • Dangerous Driving
  • Defective and Dangerous Vehicle

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