Deeds of separation are often used in cases where a couple have chosen to separate but don’t want to start divorce proceedings.

A Deed of Separation (also known as a Separation Deed) itself is a formal document which confirms important details like the date of separation, any mutually agreed financial arrangements and any other relevant information related to the separation. Both parties then sign and retain a copy and the deed of separation then usually forms the basis for any Court Order should the couple file for divorce at a later date.

Please be aware that a Separation Deed isn’t legally binding and can be challenged during divorce proceedings. Our team can advise you as the best course of action to take and how this can best be avoided. In the event that a couple was to separate but they remain married or in a civil partnership, they may require a Will. Our team can also assist you on this.

At Bond Adams Solicitors we are experienced in handling Deeds of Separation and have worked on a wide variety of cases that range from the simple through to the highly complex.

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